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We work with small-to-medium sized businesses to make professional web and mobile applications that allow you to streamline and organise your business.

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Ever wondered how sites like Facebook and Youtube provide different content to different users? The answer is often php which makes all the decisions before your page loads.


Javascript provides the interactivity on any page. How did that text change when you clicked that button? The answer is Javascript.

CSS Styling

CSS is the artist on each website. Text, titles, colours, borders, layout; do you want these things to look good? The answer is CSS.


SQL is the language that allows you to store information. If you keep any information online, its stored in a database. And that database is probably pwered by SQL.


HTML is the skeleton on which all these other languages act. Ever wondered why you can type in certain parts of a webpage, but most of it is just text? The answer is HTML.

At Romolo, We Are Full Stack!