Romolo Web Applications

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  • Application Development

    The majority of our work is designing and building quality software products. Working alongside the client we tailor our products to the needs of the user. Our method is project-specific, but the development stage is generally under 6 months by which point we will have a working product. The following 6 months is a beta-testing stage where user-feedback helps to craft the product into the perfect tool for the end-user.

    Pricing: £1000-£3000/month

  • Application Maintenance

    We are happy to take over the maintenance and hosting of any legacy software. There are additional fees related to the handover of a product, but once we have an understanding of a product, any regular or one-off maintenance will be covered by this monthly fee, plus a standard hosting fee

    Pricing: ~£250/month

  • Application Hosting

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    Pricing: £50/month

  • Websites

    If you want a website to promote and provide information about your business, organisation or a profile about yourself, we are happy to work with you to provide this.

    Pricing: £100-£200