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I am a full-stack developer working in London. I enjoy the learning process and love to experiment with programming as well as creating products to help people in their day-to-day lives. View my portfolio below and feel free to get in touch.
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I am currently in the process of updating my portfolio. The projects below reflect my current ability and I will do my best to make my old projects but if you'd like to see them feel free to contact me here. More projects to come...




This project was Made as a result of reading the A.J. Jacobs book 'Thanks A Thousand'.
This is a single page web application with a simple interface and an intuitive user experience. The project is built with a PHP backend along with a mysql database, and Javascript provides the interactivity in order to provide CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) functionality.
No frameworks or libraries (other than the default Javascript or PHP libraries) have been used. I felt it would be a good challenge to make my own login system, complete with hashed passwords and security so that no user is able to see another user's data unless specified. The user signup does not have the full functionality (e.g email verification) that may be expected for a mature product, but it would be fairly easy to implement these options, although it may be easier to use a pre-made framework in the future.

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My Setup

I have tried to remove myself from being dependent on the Apple/Microsoft ecosystem wherever possible. To do this I am using OS-agnostic software, usable with debian linux - specifically which runs well on low-end tech such as the raspberry pi. As hardware inevitably breaks and/or becomes outdated it is important to me that I can change quickly between sytems. The choice to make my setup usable on the raspberry pi enforces the need to refine any resource-heavy pieces of code, and if it runs well on a $30 computer, it should run well on any server.

Geany - IDE


Geany - IDE

Geany is a "powerful, stable and lightweight programmer's text editor" that is free and open-source (GPL v2 license). It is a highly customisable IDE for themes, shortcuts and plugins, and available for Linux, Windows and Mac.

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Error Log

This is a simple, home-made simple PHP script that runs on the development server. It allows for interactivity with each entry to the error log, as well as a quick and easy way to refresh the page for new errors, restart apache, and wipe the error log.
The script was created to be accessible from the browser and is optimised for mobile so that it can be used when there isn't a second screen available. However, I've found it to be so useful that I use it in conjunction with, or instead of a second screen.

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The easiest way to contact me is by email at robmolloy@hotmail.co.uk or to send me a message on here:
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